GOLDZONE Living is about living your ideal life in all areas. No compromise. No sacrificing one area for another. Travel. Wealth. Intimacy. Express yourself. Monetize your passion.

GOLDZONE Living is an educational curriculum, augmented with the world’s best coaching and consulting services to help anyone motivated to live their best life. Resources, tools, and ideas are available online for FREE.

If you are ready for a Quantum Leap in your quality of life, and have a burning desire for integrated and holistic living that includes: meaningful relationships, connection and intimacy, regenerative health, assets, wealth and money in abundance, creative and inspired self-expression, a career that totally fulfills, vibrant energy and the time to enjoy what we love, it all begins with a Dream Vision of what is possible > start here.

Most people have areas they excel in and other areas that are neglected. This is out of balance. The key to living up to your Optimum Potential is to have all six of the most vital areas optimized and fully integrated. No more sacrificing one area for another. You can have it all. It is our pleasure to share actionable, realistic and practical strategies that work!

Transform one or all Six Vital Areas of Life:

> Wealth:

Mastery of your finances includes monetizing your passion, building your wealth, assets that grow on their own and cash flow to do all the things you want to do. Never worry about money again. > start here

> Health:

Vibrant and regenerative health is your birthright. Living as long as you can in a state of peak physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is possible. Accidents and disease happen to us all, coping with stress and recovering rapidly are within your grasp. > start here

> Relationships:

It is often said that the quality of one’s life comes down to the quality of your relationships. This is true. Many of us have very poor role models and accept relationships that are distant, with constant power struggles vs creating an ideal relationship that is full of love, connection, intimacy, and is based on true partnership. > start here

> Career:

We used to have one or two careers over our lifetime. Today’s reality is very different. Finding your passion, purpose and infusing your work with meaning, giving your gifts and making a prosperous living from your mastery is what it is all about. > start here

> Self-Expression: 

Discover who you are on the inside and bring this person out and shining on the outside to express your natural gifts to the world. Communication is how we make our desires and wishes known in a way people can respond and give us what we want. Authenticity, art, creativity. Discover your unique voice. > start here

> Leadership:

Personal Leadership is about leading yourself. How are you going to lead, influence, and persuade other people if you can’t lead yourself? Any area you focus on, develop, and improve will make you a leader. If you want to succeed, then step up to the leadership challenge. > start here

There are many success stories from people who have benefited from this profound knowledge. > here

GOLDZONE Living is a concept created by Andrew John Harrison and Anjou MacPherson, Founders of Goldzone Group. You can read Our Story > here.

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